MediaSpin360 is here to provide the most experienced product photography for the fraction of the price customers normally pay for photography studios. We have state of the art equipment paired with the most technologically advanced software to produce top quality digital images faster than any other company.

Increase Sales:Web sites that feature 360 product view increase sales when compared to those that do not.
Cost-effective:Either you send the product to us or we come to you; our service costs far less than traditional photography.
Digital Asset Management:All the digital images are uploaded to our Preface8 Platform for immediate access. You can then publish the images on your web site or download them for use in print collaterals.
User Friendly Viewers:Our Preface8 Virtual 3D viewer has easy to use controls that can zoom, pan, print and rotate with a single mouse click. It is Flash based so it is compatible with all major browsers.
Fast Turn Around:We will start the photography process as soon as your products are ready for the shoot.
Volume PricingWe have the ability to take one single product or thousands of products to meet your requirements. Our robust Preface8 Platform can catalogue each image into its own respective categories for your easy access.
One Stop SolutionOur team can assist you with flat, pack and 360 photography. We can also color-balance, animate, and supply files to your web designers and developers. Models, stylist and backdrops can all be arranged for an affordable price.
Professional TeamOur team of photographers, designers, developers and stylists are friendly and knowledgeable to assist you with any concerns or challenges you might have throughout the process.

The process is simple, easy and precise. You provide the product and within a few days* all the images will be rendered, catalogued and uploaded to our Preface8 Platform. Once the images reside on our dedicated image servers, you will login and select the products to publish to your web site. The Preface8 Platform gives you the ability to select different solutions such as product configuration, colorization, mix and match, and 360° views.

We provide extensive expertise when it comes to project management and production consulting of the digital assets. Every product can be photographed based on specific requirements. Our team of experienced photographers, creative designers and Photoshop experts can help you customize any product to match your online presence.

  • 360° Product photography
  • Photography for online video with music/speech implementation
  • Flat photography
  • Model and mannequin photography
  • Packshots
  • Outdoor / Location photography
  • Products up to 900lbs for 360° photography
  • High resolution digital images up to 4000 x 4000 dpi
  • Single and Multiple row photography
  • Product Animations
  • Viewer with Zoom / Pan / Print
  • Print ready
  • Product Demos with Hotspots
  • Transparent or color background
  • Easy HTML implementation

Most of small retail products such as shoes, watches, purses, jewelries, small electronics and small appliances starts at $125 for a 360 degree product photography. Larger items up to 800 lbs will be quoted accordingly. Flatshot and packshots starts at $68. Formfitting on mannequin starts at $98. Formfitting on a model varies by model and numbers of articles.

*Time estimates are based on studio availability and our daily work load. We always try our best to process your requests as soon as possible.